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We need your Registrationg forms ASAP. 
You can access one here to download:  

May 15th-All grading ends. Prek Celebration will air at 10:00. 
May 18th-K Celebration will air at 10:00.Report cards will be printed. 
May 19th-8th grade promotion will air at 10:00.
May 22nd- LAST DAY 8:00-10;00 report cards and student belongings will be distributed.
May 26th- Last day for food distribution. 

Teacher Appreciation Week
May 4 - 8

- Pre-K promotion will be May 15th.

- K promotion will be May 18th.

- 8th grade promotion will be May 19th.

-High School Graduation - tentative dates:  May 14th, June 18th, or July 16th.

There will NOT be an "Awards Day".


Please complete the 2020 Census! 
Information how is included below.  We are 45% behind other districts right now, and Grundy needs the funds to fix our roads, help with healthcare, schools, and other important uses for our people in Grundy County. 
We need everyone to help get the word out.  Everyone has plenty of time now to complete it since we are home most of the time.  Please do your part and fill out your Census for 2020 and spread the word. 
Thank you!

You can respond online at
 or call  844-330-2020
You can also respond even if you haven't gotten anything in the mail yet. To respond online without a code, you can click the link after starting the questionnaire that says If you do not have a Census ID, click here. 
The Statistics in Schools material can be found at


Extension of School Closing: We will remain closed through the remainder of the 19-20 school year per Governor Bill Lee's recommendation and approval of Dr. Glenda Dykes, Director of Grundy County Schools.

Grundy County School Calendar

Attendance is our TOP Priority
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Swiss Memorial Elementary School

Are You Proud to be a Wildcat?  
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We Need Your Pictures for the Annual!
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We need pictures from school events and school activities such as Christmas plays, Halloween at school, Valentine's Day at school,...
Swiss Memorial Elementary proudly present to you our Valedictorian, Salutatorian, & Historian. Valedictorian: ...
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Good Afternoon, Today at Governor Lee’s press conference at 3 p.m. CT, he announced that he is recommending all Tennessee...

At SMES's Fun Night Out on March 6th, students were excited to try their luck for the coveted iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon...
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Swiss Memorial Elementary School has announced their 4th six weeks Principal’s List, Honor Roll, and Perfect Attendance....

Kindergarten and Sixth Grade tied for first place for February Attendance!  Both classes had a percentage of 98.36%.
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After being in second place for 3 months and then third place for 2 months, Swiss Memorial's sixth grade class finally won first...
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After conducting Classroom Spelling Bees, the top five from each grade, fourth through eighth, competed on Friday, January 10th...
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Congratulations SMES fifth grade! Mrs. Patsy Keener’s fifth grade earns the attendance trophy for themonth of December...
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Swiss Memorial Elementary School's monthly attendance program continues to show improvement instudent attendance. At...
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All thanks to the faculty and staff at SMES!    

Swiss Memorial Elementary School's monthly attendance recognition program is making a difference in not only their overall school's...
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SMES hosted this year's first Run Club run.  The SMES Fun Run was a huge success! Over 60 students from the Grundy County...
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Swiss Memorial Elementary School's monthly attendance program is underway.  At the end of each month, an assembly is held...
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Swiss Memorial Elementary School has began their monthly attendance program.  At the end of each month, an assembly is held...
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We already knew it to be true,but now we know thecounty believes it to be true too! Congratulations Mr. Ruehling!
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We want to begin by thanking you for the part you played in to improve our attendance performance last school year!  We...