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Grundy County School Calendar

Attendance is our TOP Priority
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Swiss Memorial Elementary School

Are You Proud to be a Wildcat?  
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We Need Your Pictures for the Annual!
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We need pictures from school events and school activities such as Christmas plays, Halloween at school, Valentine's Day at school,...
Swiss Memorial Elementary School has began their monthly attendance program.  At the end of each month, an assembly is held...


We already knew it to be true,but now we know thecounty believes it to be true too! Congratulations Mr. Ruehling!
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6th Grader Brings Home 2nd out of 102 Students!
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Trinity Witt won 1st Place in the younger girls' division. Piper Adkins won 2nd Place in the younger girls' division. Dalton...


We want to begin by thanking you for the part you played in to improve our attendance performance last school year!  We...