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Email from Mrs. Glenda Dykes Regarding Returning to School Oct. 12th
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Friday, October 09, 2020
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Dear All,
Thank you for your patience while we collected data from all principals and my Covid Task Team, Mrs. Anna and MIss Mary Jo, to determine our needs and concerns per school.  Please find below a current update to our schools as of this evening.  As you are aware, our numbers can change immediately, which in turn, changes our plans. Being flexible is the phrase we will continue to use all year with COVID. 
As you can see our numbers are down from two weeks ago.  Our only problem spot is TCE with so many employees out (7). There is no way to find 7 subs for Monday at TCE.  They will remain virtual through next week to fall break.  The other 6 schools will return to in person learning for next week.  This will allow us to complete the CASE testing (except for TCE) and allow students to enjoy Homecoming week.  TCE will complete their testing the week after fall break when they return.  
We have sent another employee from the Central Office to be tested for Covid today. The results will be back tomorrow. A supervisor and I will remain in quarantine and work from home through Tuesday, the 13th. Two of our secretaries will remain at home  through Wednesday the 14th. We will start enforcing the doors being locked at Central Office as other businesses have done in the area.  The only way to enter is to call and set up an appointment and have your temperature taken at the door before entering.  
Tisha will be sending out an updated schedule for interviewing the AD on Thursday in the band room to my supervisors and Athletic Committee Members.  That should come out tomorrow to you.  I think we now have 5 people interested in the AD position.  
Please be sure to share this email with your faculty, staff, and other families in the community.  Mrs. Val, you will need to send out a ROBO Call tomorrow stating our return in person learning on Monday, October 12th for all schools, except TCE.   
Thank you for all you do for our children of Grundy County.
Glenda M. Dykes, Ed. S
 Director of Grundy County Schools
 P.O Box 97
 Altamont, TN 37301
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