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SMES 3rd Six Weeks Principal's List and Honor Roll (updated with Perfect Attendance)
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Sunday, January 27, 2019

Swiss Memorial Elementary School has announced their 3rd six weeks Principal’s List, Honor Roll, and Perfect Attendance.


Principal’s List

Third grade: Scarlett Andrews.

Fifth grade: Taylor Jones and Allie Stewart.

Seventh grade: Raylan Baker, Adam Borne, and Peyton Meeks.

Eighth grade:  Ethan Meeks.


Honor Roll

Third grade: Madison Anderson, Misty Borne, Destyn Green, Jaylee James,

Justis Mainord, Grant Nunley, Jayden Seals, Kimmie Stewart, and Trinidy Witt.

Fourth grade: Aliyah Copley, Landon Grooms, Urijah Nunley, Remi Rogers, and Aiden Sabella.

Fifth grade: Ayden Baker, Randall Brown, Sidnie Dykes, Madison Layne, Makenzie Meeks, and Haley Smith.

Sixth grade: Kenadi Hampton, Lakenzie Hornbuckle, Tristan Rollins, and Julianna Witt.

Seventh grade: Destiny Green, Hunter Green, Chelsea Smith, and Kimber Thomas.

Eighth grade: Isaiah Borne and Haleigh Magouirk.


Perfect Attendance

Pre-Kindergarten: Anthony Asbury, Daniel Nolan, and Brenley Rainey.

First grade :Alex Asbury, Dana Borne, and Brianna Brown.

Second grade: Bailee Scruggs.

Third grade: Astin Argo, Jayden Brown, and Destyn Green.

Fourth grade: Harley Birdwell, Aiden Borne, Shiloh Northcutt, and Landon Scissom.

Fifth grade: Jose ‘Nemo’ Bonilla, Randall Brown, and Makenzie Meeks.

Sixth grade: Kenadi Hampton and ALyssa McBee.

Seventh grade: Adam Borne and Landon Kirkland.

Eighth grade: Ethan Meeks and Spencer Scissom.



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